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I postie for j00 all.

Theme 1: First Time
Series: Naruto
Pairing: ShikaNejiSasu
Rating: M
Words: 460
Requester: Essenceofthedark


The first time the three of them tried to kiss each other at the same time, the moment had been filled with awkward and embarrassed glares. Shikamaru had pulled out a book on techniques which Neji had gone over with him. Sasuke had rolled his eyes and left, Sharingan flashing as he claimed he would return within an hour.
None of them asked where he had gone or what he had seen, but whatever Sasuke did had been effective. They had a lot of fun that night afterwards.
One spring, Neji had walked out of their shared bedroom for the first time with nothing but one of Sasuke's oversized Uchiha shirts on. Both Shikamaru and Sasuke had stared as the fabric swayed around Neji's waist, giving them glimpses of the Hyuuga's firm ass.
Neji found himself shouting in outrage as he was jumped in the kitchen, claiming he had just wanted a cup of tea.
The first night the three of them had decided to go 'all the way', they had been all thumbs. Awkward, but heated touches had led to some pained grunts and pleasurable moans. None of them had been novices in foreplay, but things were different when a third person was involved and the desire to have all to reach their peak near the same time gave them a challenge. Eventually, one slid into another into another, their thrusts lacking rhythm and harmony.
Still, they took their time and patience was rewarded as they writhed, moaned, even shouted into the night. Fingers dug into skin, leaving red welts. Muscled rippled around thick cocks, surprised gasps filling the heated room as the pleasure became too much and they found their release, eyes rolling back, bodies shaking. For the first time the three males had held someone tenderly in their arms, and didn't at all feel weak or ashamed.
To all of their surprise, Sasuke had been the first one to utter those three little words years later. The event had occurred shortly after a rough but thorough tryst. These typically came about when a mission had become too dangerous, or when one of them ended up being severely injured. Sasuke always reacted the worst, always insisted on being in the middle, to give and take. Words were never spoken, only grunts, growls, and curses dominated until after they were sated.
The three of them had been lying on the bed, Sasuke's arms around both Neji and Shikamaru when he had uttered the words. At first, the other two had thought they imagined it, but when all Sasuke did was close his eyes and they looked at each other and found confirmation...smiles emerged.
Then they bent down and whispered for the first time in Sasuke's ear, "I love you."


Theme 2: Gossips
Series: Naruto
Pairing: Mitsuaki Uchiha/Tokou Akimichi (OC's)
Rating: K
Words: 564
Requester: Elise

"I hate girls." Uchiha Kakan flopped down in his chair, crossing his arms with a scowl and looking ever so much like his father at the age of twelve. "All they do is gossip. If they spent half of their time training instead of talking about boys they'd put all of us to shame."
Kachiki, the younger twin of the two, laid on their shared bed sideways, looking up at their ceiling. "You always start on this tirade every time we visit Konoha." He yawned and with the flick of his wrist, he began twirling a kunai by the hooped handle on his finger. "Just because they chase you down here..."
"They chase you too!"
Grinning, Kachiki sat up, tilting his head to the side. "No they don't, because I'm better at hiding than you."
"What was that 'Chiki?" Kakan bolted out of his chair, glaring. "You're not better than me at anything, you poser!"
Not even perturbed, Kachiki shrugged. "I'm better than you at keeping quiet."
"Oy!" The oldest sibling, Mitsuaki, walked out of the bathroom, drying his hair and clad in only his pants. "Stop fighting. Otousan and okaasan told you two to behave this trip. You're genin now, act like it."
The twins stuck their tongues out at him "Says the guy who's just gonna go make out with his giiiirlfriend." they said in unison, snickering when Mitsuaki's face turned bright red and he began to splutter.
"Hey 'Chiki," Kakan moved over to the bed, nudging his brother and giving him a knowing grin. "Do you smell that?"
Tilting his head, Kachiki sniffed the air. "Ooo, smells like that fancy stuff aniki only wears when he's going on a hot date."
"Talk about obvious. If Konoha ever got invaded, aniki would be screwed if he tried to surprise attack anyone."
"Would you two cut it out?" Mitsuaki took a threatening step towards the twins, who let out squawks of mock fear and hugged each other.
"Oh no! Oniisan is angry!" Kachiki cried, burying his face in his twins' shoulder.
"Don't hurt us aniki! We're so sorry!" Kakan pretended to shake in fear and Mitsuaki rolled his eyes.
"I should have remained an only child." The oldest sibling muttered, quickly getting dressed. He wasn't terribly bothered, since he had his ways of getting back at them. Oh, how surprised they'll be when they go to the training grounds tomorrow and find their ruthless father waiting for them, not their kind and more patient niisan. Brats.
The door to their hotel room opened then and Hinote, the youngest and only female Uchiha, barged in with Akimichi Tokou walking gingerly behind her. Just having finished sliding on his boots, Mitsuaki blushed at the sight of his beautiful girlfriend in her pink sundress. She had actually dressed up for their date.
He ignored the cat calls and whistles from his brothers as he quickly closed the distance, his arm wrapping around Tokou's waist. She looked a mixture of confused and embarrassed and he shook his head when she looked up at him for answers.
"They're being dumb. Let's go."
Just before they reached the door, Kakan nudged his twin again as Hinote jumped up on the bed to join them. "Just wait till we get back and tell Hineri about this one."
Mitsuaki stopped at the door frame and turned to them slightly, smirking.


Theme 4: Girls
Series: Naruto
Pairing: ShikaSasu
Rating: M
Words: 565
Requester: Spammishrice

Shikamaru's reluctant groan filled his bedroom as he slowly began to climb out of the dregs of sleep and into the waking world. Damn, but he had been having a good dream too. His head throbbed - too much sleep - and he tried to salvage the fading pieces of his wonderful dream.
Someone had been molesting his body, but he had been unable to see the person, just hands. Warm and strong, sliding over his chest, up his inner thighs, fingers brushing along his aching cock. Teasing, just the way he liked it. For all his laziness and desire to avoid troublesome things, Shikamaru learned he had a bit of a sadistic streak behind closed doors.
Another groan escaped his lips and he dipped his hand underneath the sheets to relieve the tension in his boxers...
Only to hear a gasp as his hand brushed along a cock, but not his cock. His eyes snapped open.
"What the fu -" Shikamaru's outraged cry was cut off as a hand slapped over his mouth. Then he watched as Uchiha Sasuke put his free hand to mouth, making a shushing motion.
"Do not. Scream." Sasuke leaned forward, dark gaze intense and heated. "You'll alert the horde." Ever so slowly, Sasuke removed his hand, which had been more than enough time for Shikamaru to gather his wits about him.
"What are you doing here?" The Nara hissed. He needed to focus on something that made sense to his poor brain, because what just happened brought up too many questions he didn't want answers to.
"Hiding." Sasuke didn't move, didn't turn his gaze away from Shikamaru, which felt disturbing. The two were very close in his bed, so close Shikamaru could feel Sasuke 'poking' him. The bastard didn't even have the audacity to look ashamed, while Shikamaru tried every method he could think of to keep his face from becoming a blazing inferno.
He didn't want to admit it felt good.
"Hiding." Shikamaru repeated, tone flat.
Sasuke rolled his eyes and sighed. "It's Thursday." As if Shikamaru should have known what the hell that meant. When all the Uchiha received was a blank stare, he snorted. "The fanclub has 'Tie Him Up Thursdays', or THUP. If they catch me, they tie me up and..." Sasuke shuddered and unconsciously pressed closer to Shikamaru. He almost jerked away, but Sasuke's warmth rooted him to the spot.
Without thinking, Shikamaru found his arms wrapping around Sasuke, basking in the natural heat and comfort the other male brought. The Uchiha smelled of the woods with a hint of a natural spicy musk. Fingers slid underneath his shirt, Sasuke's hands began exploring his stomach and chest, just like in the dream. Shikamaru shivered.
"Why here?" Shikamaru gave himself a mental pat on the back for sounding normal.
Sasuke shrugged. "No one would look here."
A good point. Still... "But why are you...uh...touching me?"
Sasuke's gaze shifted to Shikamaru's lips. He moved closer, until their bodies were flush and tilted his head, lips hovering just inches away from Shikamaru's. "You didn't seem to mind earlier." Sasuke's hands drifted lower, delving underneath silk boxers. "Do you want me to stop?"
Shikamaru's breath caught and he moved to close the distance. He would probably regret this once the blood rushed back from his dick to his head where it belonged but for now...
"No. Don't stop."

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