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So folks, how do you feel about this week's chapter?

TBH? I'm rather sick of the SS/NH one sided love going on. The blind love Sakura and Hinata have for Sasuke and Naruto is bordering along the unhealthy. This is especially true for Sakura, who has already hurt her friends and Naruto with her actions. It feels like both of them are in love with the idea of the two boys and not them.

Hinata has always admired Naruto from afar, she doesn't really know him on a personal level like Sakura. Sasuke is never going to be the 12 year old boy Sakura loved. They're both chasing shadows and it's becoming sad to look at. I'd like the possibility of SS/NH more if the boys had actually shown some sort of romantic interest towards them, but they're too busy focusing on what's important as opposed to their feelings for girls. Granted, Naruto has shown he still loves Sakura, but Sakura's not the one who really needs him, it's Sasuke.

Slowly but surely, Naruto's goals are beginning to become less selfless(although he still does stupid shit). This was shown when he spoke to the Kyuubi about getting rid of its hatred. I think, in the end, Naruto will want to change the shinobi world, to make it so that people like Sasuke never have to go through what he did, where the actions of others gave birth to a creature of hatred and vengance. When Naruto succeeds with Sasuke(It would be a very anti-climatic and disappointing Shonen series if Naruto failed to end the cycle of hatred and bring Sasuke back), I could see them working together for this goal. Only then could I see them actually focusing on romance.

It's disappointing that two strong females like Hinata and Sakura are still pining after boys who seem to have no romantic interest in them. Why is it that it's always the females in the series like this? I'd really like to see some equal opportunity here, some guys fighting for the love of their lives, or hoping to be with that special girl. When it's one-sided like this, it just makes them seem desperate, like they're hanging on to something they'll never have.

At this point, I will be very surprised if NH/SS happens. The guys just aren't interested, and Kishimoto prefers to troll instead of actually working out the relationship issue. I don't enjoy reading blatantly one sided love interests, especially when the fans get all up in arms and go "It's canon!"

No, it's not canon, it's just sad.

There's more chemistry with Neji and Kiba than SS/NH. Seriously.
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