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Okay, after a lot of internal debate and thinking, I've decided to make a few hard decisions.
  • I will no longer be doing Naruto series fics. If I do get a wild hair up my arse, it'll get posted after I've completed it.
  • I will re-open requests because of this. I work better with prompts concerning fanfiction nowadays, so feel free to request to your heart's content. Just understand, it doesn't mean it'll get filled. If something catches my eye/inspiration/muse, I'll do it. Beyond that, I make no promises.
  • I WILL be finishing Closer in probably two chapters. The next chapter is about a third of the way complete.
  • I'll be finishing Cursed Lineages in about 3-5 chapters, depending.
  • A Traitor Branded re-write has been abandoned. I no longer have the drive to continue doing SasuHina series fics.
  • Once I've completed Cursed Lineages and Closer, there is a high chance I will stop posting on
  • I might be posting original fic back up here again. Not sure.

I will say this: I found myself forgetting the original reason why I had started wanting to post on to begin with. It wasn't about getting reviews, but simply sharing something I enjoyed writing to those who might enjoy it. I began to let the reviews get to me, and that's never a good thing. I started letting people get to me, killing my confidence and making me second guess myself as a writer.

The one thing I would like to share is my AO3 account. I'll be posting new things there, including original stuffs, and I invite anyone to stop by and take a gander.

The archive needs fixing up. I'm going to split the Naruto section into different parts, because it's just too freaking long. Ugh. Whenever I get the time/motivation/drive to do that I will.
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