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Warning: Just about everything I write has a 'M/NC-17' rating on it. I'll be using the Adult Content filter and marking the 'lemon' chapters.

This journal contains whatever fics I desire to put up here, up to and including WIP's. You'll find completed and not completed works here, selectively since I'm too lazy to upload everything and do all the coding. You can find me at either,, Fiction Press, Deviant Art, and Y!Gallery under 'Catriana'.

I'll mark the links with warnings and pairings(cuz I pretty much write nothing but romance) for this little index post.

This journal is only for fiction, personal entries are on another journal.

Naruto Fanfiction

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Fanfiction

Other Original Fiction

Please let me know if there are any broken links. Thanks. :)

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Title: Artist's Door
Series: Original
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Markus Kavannaugh, Niobe Blakes-Johnson
Rating: T
Chapters: One Shot
Summary: A long time ago I came up with this story and never finished it. This rewrite was my submission to the magazine Walking Blind. It ended up not making it because the spot for me had been filled but I figure I'd share anyway. I am not 100% happy with this story, mostly because I was restricted to 2500 words. Nonetheless, it was a challenge for me so I was content.

The story is about a famous artist named Markus who has held somewhat of an obsession over an individual named 'Anon'; an artist who submits art and articles to the magazine Artist's Door. He can't explain why but he finds himself incredibly drawn to this person who he doesn't even know if they're male or female. Despite this, he finds himself falling in love, even though he is already engaged (arranged marriage). When a cousin of his asks to sub for her at the university while she's on maternity leave, he runs into Niobe, a young woman who wishes to become an artist but is being forced to pursue law. Immediately Markus is drawn to her and when she accidently drops a sketch of hers as they part he realizes why; she's none other than the mysterious 'Anon'. Knowing that this isn't coincidence; Markus finds himself having to make a decision: Rise up against his controlling family and finally seek independence to be with Niobe or walk away from the woman he's loved for years but has known for less than twenty four hours.
Notes: Unbeta'd. I know where the mistakes are, I just don't feel like fixing them.
Artist's Door 

Title: Slave
Series: Original
Pairing: Oriana and Lars
Rating: M
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Chapters: 6/??
Summary: Tricked and bound by a Witch, the demon king Lars was imprisoned and turned into her slave for centuries. When she tires of him, she gives him over to the Vampire Queen Oriana, who has no need nor want of a slave. She takes him nonetheless and decides to make use of make him what he was before.
Notes: This was initially a SasuHina story that got turned into an original story. TBH, I completely forgot this sucker was on my Hard Drive so I decided to share. Not sure if I'll continue it, but eh. Whatever.


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