Nov. 27th, 2010 03:19 pm
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First year ever. I'm really happy/proud. I actually do have an ending for Transcendence so that works out well. Once I get gifts and requests done, I'm going to start working on my novel again. Plotting out Quotos Island will be a little more difficult, but I thank everyone who has been reading my original stuff and has enjoyed it so far. I appreciate it.


Nov. 10th, 2010 10:52 pm
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I've completed the website's goal but the novel is definitely not finished. I will continue to work on it. I'm really sorry to all of those who would rather I update my fanfics but...I kind of need to work on me, know what I mean? If I don't finish these novels they're not going to get finished and I don't want to do that.

I have novel length fanfics up and not a single one of my own original. So, since I'm already on a roll, I'm going to finish at least this novel since it's going steadily before I go back to really working on fanfiction. Please do not ask me when that will be, I do not know.

To those who have read my original works: Thank you so much, especially if you've commented either on here or Fictionpress. It's really important to me to know if I'm doing a good job on the original front so your comments are treasured. ♥
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Current word count: 36,323 *commits suicide*

If anyone has read Arcanus up to the current chapter, this story might interest you. It focuses on Rori and a few other outside characters like Xene, Kaden, and Vari. If you are interested, please reply to this and I will add you to the filter. There are currently 5 chapters completed and things are about to start falling into place.

To let folks know: If I actually complete this novel, I will jump my attentions to finishing Arcanus, meaning that fanfiction will be put on hold for a while. If I do that, and am able to finish it by the end of the year, I'll seriously look into submitting them to a publisher. If I finish both by the end of the year, I'll jump back to putting 80% of my attentions towards fanfiction again.

If not, I'll be posting the chapters up one by one on NaNo.
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WTF Guys. )

[info]sentora (because you're the only person who knows) - I'd definitely suggest reading Arcanus, as I've all but incorporated the Elemental Saga into that world. You're going to see some familiar faces in there. ♥ It actually just sort of happened and I'm rather content with it.

BTW, chapter two is up on my NaNoWriMo page. I'll be updating frequently guys, so if you're following Arcanus I'd definitely give this a read. This will explain a different side of what's going on in the current storyline. ♥

I'm already at 13,000 words. I'm on a roll and having fun!

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I say I won't participate in NaNoWriMo and then something happens and just...ugh.

Here I am

I make no promises. The only reason I'm doing it is because I actually have ideas for Transcendence, so since I haven't really started it, might as well do NaNoWriMo while working on this novel.

Ugh. Maybe I should just dedicate November as me focusing only on original shiat. Or something.

I'll be uploading the rest of Arcanus tonight since I have no real desire to write atm. It's almost midnight and I'm tired. Blah.

Expect pictures of Rori, Varicen, Kaden(why do I keep calling him Lucian? WTF) Hannah and Xene. Maybe it'll help me write the story.

Gods I'm going to hate myself for this later.

For those curious, Transcendence is a story about Rorizen vil Wesser which takes place during the events in Arcanus. Rori is a young human boy who is - as far as he knows of it - the only human magic user in the world. It, along with another secret, makes his life rather miserable until he finally meets Xene, the dragon king. Everyone but Varicen has made a real appearance (Vari gets a brief cameo but I'll leave it at that).

It is an Angst/Fantasy story, as I don't really forsee there being any real romance but there will be plenty of angst. If you want to get a general idea of what it will be about (and spoil yourself), you can find a short story summarizing the events here. I say 'get a general idea' because the events in that story aren't going to stick. :p

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NaNoWriMo states that a 175pg short novel is around 50,000 words. This is to be done within a month's timespan. When I looked at my fanfiction I began to realize that I've written several short novels worth of stories. Let's look shall we?

Oldest - Newest

Love Has Its Reasons World of Warcraft (needs to be rewritten like a mofo): 54,460 words. Finished 2005/2006
Verbal Confessions Naruto: 65,904 words. Finished March 2010, final upload April 2010
The Debut Naruto: 101,368 words. Finished ???(I had rewritten it from scratch, I'm pretty sure I started in Feb of this year), final upload April 2010
The Life of a Prodigy Naruto: 41,525 words. Finished April 2010
The Ties that Bind Us Naruto: 58,562 words. Finished May 2010
A Traitor Branded Naruto: 116,078 words. Finished May 2010

Current Original Novel:

Demon King Started 5/21/10. Currently 64,390 words 7/11/10. If you notice I finished and uploaded all of my stories within the same month. That does not mean that's when I started them. As you can see, it's been 2 months and I'm past the 50,000 mark. That includes my current works that I'm working on at the same time, and Destined which is around 28,000+ words.

So I have 7 short novel length works of fanfiction and one original fiction. Should I start focusing on original fiction more? Because I mean...that's novels I've written. I have written, this past year 8 novel-length stories...

Oh, I forgot Muse, Anchor(still a WIP) and Oath(Still a WIP), all three of which are over the 50,000 word mark. So that's 11 short novels I've written in the past 7 months. Of fanfiction.

Am I doing something wrong here? 11 short novels and I can't publish a single one because it's technically not mine? What the hell am I doing?

Unfortunately, Demon King is the only original series I feel like working on. Everything else is fanfiction ideas. I love writing fanfiction and I'm not going to give up on it but I'm starting to wonder if I should be putting my ideas towards original works that I can eventually get paid for you know? I'd love to be a novelist when I grows up.

I will be doing NaNoWriMo and I will complete it. If I can do that many works in less than a year I can fucking do NaNoWriMo. For serious.  I do have an idea, halp anyone?

NaNoWriMo Idea )


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