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I'll mark the links with warnings and pairings(cuz I pretty much write nothing but romance) for this little index post.

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Title: Courage
Series: Crossover (Naruto/Bleach)
Pairing: Hitsugaya Toshiro/Hyuuga Hinata
Rating: K+
Genre: AU/Romance
Chapters: One Shot
Summary: Monday through Friday, Hinata Hyuuga ventures into his little bookshop. He thinks little of it, at first, but over a span of a few years, those small visits begin to mean everything to him.
Author's Notes: A giftfic for Rae. I've been wanting to do HitsuHina for her for a long while now, and finally got the inspiration. So I wrote this.

Since LJ is hating on my format, I'm just going to go and post an outside link. Check the fic out on AO3.
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I haven't done a fandom rant in a long time, not a real one anyway. I think it's time for one. Rant for today: Naruto Pairing Bashing. This is mostly focused towards the dA community, since that is where I frequent. If it's different where you are, that's great, but that's not where my focus is.

Rant Ahoy )

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  • You may NOT adopt any discontinued/scrapped fics, but feel free to take the idea and make your own fic with your own plot.
  • Please do not ask me when a fic will be updated. As of right now, Original fics come first, since they pay the bills.
  • I do not take requests. You may visit my blog on Tuesdays, when I take Requests for Theme Wednesday, but they're limited to whatever characters I feel like writing about.


Completed Series Fics:

Advent Challenge (Complete)
Series: Naruto
Rating: Varies
Genre: Varies
Summary: A series of fics between 500-1000+ words. Prompts by various individuals. Standard rating between K and NC-17. Read at your own risk.
SasuHina ItaHinaSasu ItaNejiGaa SasuNejiHina GaaHina ShikaHinaSasu SasuNeji SasuNejiShika
ItaHina ItaNeji GaaNeji SasuNeji2 SasuNeji3 ItaNejiSasu GaaHinaSasu SasuHina(Gender Bender) SasuHina 2(GB) SasuHina 3(GB) ShikaHinaSasu ShikaHinaSasu 2 ShikaHinaSasu 3

Title: Anchor
Series: Naruto
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama with a bit 'o underlying angst
Pairings: SasuNeji, some GaaHina
Chapters: 17 (Complete) 
Summary: Should a man be punished for a crime he doesn't even remember? Ten years after the fourth shinobi war a man comes back seemingly from the dead and the only thing that he's familiar with, the only person that he feels a connection to was someone he never even really knew. So if the connection isn't true, does that mean his feelings aren't either?
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven Chapter Twelve Chapter Thirteen Chapter Fourteen Chapter Fifteen Chapter Sixteen Chapter Seventeen

Title: Obsession
Series: Naruto
Genre: Angst/Dark
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: GaaHina, SasuSaku(one sided), I guess SasuHina...but not really
Chapters: 16 (Complete)
Summary: This was my first attempt at writing a dark fic and I found myself a bit too squicked after writing it(mostly at the end). I eventually removed it from because, to be honest, I didn't want my writing to be associated with such a genre.

Obsession is just that; a story that shows varying degrees of said emotion. Devotion was its sequel and showed the good ways and then the sick, twisted, and demented ways. I had it both under Angst/Romance but...I think maybe I had categorized it incorrectly. This is not really a romantic fic. I let my mind go to a very dark place in this attempt to go out of my comfort zone.
Warnings: Rape, extreme violence, blood, unhealthy obsessions, mind fuckery, acts of insanity, and probably other shit I forgot to mention.
Note: I do not personally condone any of the horrible acts committed in this fic. Stephen King, all you other angst/dark/horror writers, I bow to you.
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight  Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven Chapter Twelve Chapter Thirteen Chapter Fourteen Chapter Fifteen Chapter Sixteen

Title: Devotion
Series: Naruto
Pairings: GaaHina, SasuIta, NaruSaku
Genre: Angst/Dark with a bit o' Mystery
Rating: M (There's nothing terribly graphic in this fic)
Chapters: 4 (complete)
Summary: Obsession and Devotion...there's a thin line between them. There are varying degrees of devotion...not all of them are healthy. Sequel to Obsession
Warnings: Incest, character death
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four

Title: Muse
Series: Naruto
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairings: GaaHina, SasuNeji
Chapters: 11 (Complete)
Summary: One's a struggling artist, one's a struggling author trying to make ends meet. Two have finally reached their limit...for different reasons. Is it possible to fall in love at first sight? For these four, one love is a budding rose, the other a dying flame.
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven

Title: A Matter of Honor and Debt
Series: Naruto
Pairing: ItaHina
Genre: Romance/Supernatural
Chapters: 9 (Complete)
Rating: M
Summary: Shameless. Disgusting. A monster. Never would he forgive himself for
his moment of weakness, for almost murdering an innocent woman. He will do
whatever it takes to atone - A life for a life. ItaHina. Birthday fic for Lady
Crack. Very loosely based off of a RP I'm doing with someone.
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine

Title: A Stack of Letters
Series: Naruto
Rating: M
Genre: Romance
Pairings: SasuNeji
Chapters: 4 (Complete)
Summary: Sixteen years is a long time to have been separated from the one you love, especially when you know you're never going to see them again. So why is it whenever they look at each other it's as if they had just seen each other yesterday?
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four

Title: But It's Better If You Do
Series: Naruto
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairings: SasuNeji, SasuGaaNeji past chapter 2
Chapters: 4/5 1 Side Story
Summary: Basically, a threesome story.
Warnings: D/s, M/M/M, Serious OOCness 
Chapter One *Extra Ending* Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four  Chapter Five

Title: Virtue
Series: Naruto
Pairing: SasuHina, ItaNejiGaa
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: NC-17
Chapters: 4 requested(Complete)
Summary: Request fic for Burpa-chan. Her request was to have Sasuke and Hinata unable to have sex until they married with some strong UST(whether or not they accomplish it is supposed to be questionable). The first chapter was used for SasuHina week.
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four

Title: Illusions and Masks
Series: Naruto
Pairing: ShikaNeji. Minor ItaHinaSasu
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Angst/Hurt/Comfort
Chapters: 4(Complete)
Summary: Request fic for [ profile] nara_maya She requested ShikaNeji angst with a happy ending and smut. This is what came to mind.
Notes: I don't read ShikaNeji fics but I had wanted to try something different since the request was for angst. There are several typical things I could have done with that. I'm going to try and throw in as much originality as I can but if it sucks I'm sorry D:
Warnings: Physical and sexual abuse, incest, cutting, underage sex(17/18yrs respectively) and probably a bunch of other shit that'll pop up as I write this.
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four

The Slave
Series: Naruto
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: ItaNejiSasu
Chapters: 2 (Complete)
Summary: Request fic for
[ profile] ero_chibi_chan She told me to go wild so I went with a feudal Japan setting. For anyone who is a Japanese history buff: I know I fucked it up. There's a mix between Heian to freaking Tokugawa damn near and it's horribly inaccurate but whatever.
Warnings: A bit of bondage, Master/slave, buttsecks and incest.
Chapter OneChapter Two

One Shots:

Title: Autumn Light
Series: Naruto
Pairing: SasuHina
Rating: T
Chapters: One Shot
Summary: Two years have passed since the events in A Traitor Branded and Sasuke must come to terms with a new huge change in his life: Fatherhood. Should be read before Cursed Lineages.
Autumn Light

Title: My Hinata-sama 
Series: Naruto
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance 
Pairings: NejiHina
Summary: PWP
My Hinata-sama  

Title: Broken
Series: Naruto
Rating: T
Genre: Angst/Tradegy 
Pairings: NejiHina
Chapters: One shot
Summary: A civil war between the branch and main house results in Hinata falling to the Depths, encountering someone from her past. Contest entry for Naruto Rare Pairings on Deviant art(July). The series theme was "Good Loves Evil". I didn't want to make it so black and white but I had fun writing it.
Warnings: Character death. 

Title: Picture Perfect
Series: Naruto
Rating: T
Genre: Romance
Pairings: SasuHina
Chapters: One Shot
Summary: Done for SasuHina July contest on DeviantArt.
Warnings: It's fluffy like a motherfucker.
Picture Perfect

Title: Deadly Envy
Series: Naruto
Pairing: None really, although it's focus is on Sasuke and Hinata.
Chapters: One Shot
Genre: Drama/Angst
Rating: T
Summary: She had everything he should have had. She was everything he should have been. When he finally achieved his goals, she would know his suffering. She would know his pain. Only then would he finally kill her.
Warnings: None, unless Crazy!Sasuke is warning worthy.
Notes: This popped into my head and so I wrote it. There ya go.
Deadly Envy

Title: Angel of Deliverance
Series: Naruto
Pairing: SasuHina, ItaHina(friendship)
Genre: Friendship/Romance/Tradegy
Rating: K+
Chapters: One Shot
Summary: My half of the art trade with MsMomo2010 over on dA. She asked for a one shot based on this pic:

by ~
MsMomo2010 on deviantART
Warning: Character death...although he's kind of already died but whatever.
"I was...all he had..."

Title: BECAUSE HOLLY IS THE BEST. (No seriously, that's the title)
Series: Naruto
Pairing: SasuNaru(one sided), SasuNeji
Genre: Friendship/Romance?
Rating: T
Chapters: One Shot
Summary: It's over and years have passed. The confession finally comes, but his dark gaze was focused elsewhere. This is just me letting out some frustration/venting. Holly is to blame for the theme/quotes used of/in this fic.
Warnings: If you're a NaruSasuNaruSasuWHATEVER fan, you might not want to read this. If you do, well, I can't really stop you. Flaming me will probably only make me hate the pairing more at this point though. I don't want to hate the pairing, so let's just let me vent and move on.
I love SasuNeji, yes I do.

Title: Trapped
Series: Naruto
Genre: Romance/Angst
Rating: M
Summary: He had undone him with just a few words. Just like that he had found himself shackled, trapped. Just like that he was lost and too addicted to want out. Little did he know in order to be shackled to someone they had to be shackled as well. Inspired by this picture Such an inspiring pic!

Title: Stand Up
Series: Naruto
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: K
Chapters: One Shot
Summary: Request fic from Okita Rina for winning first in the fanfic category for the SasuHina fanclub contest. AU high school fic. :)
"Stand up for yourself. It's pathetic watching you."

Title: The Proposal
Series: Naruto
Pairing: SasuNeji
Rating: M
Genre: Romance
Summary: Just a little short to support the V-Day contest going on over at my SasuNeji group at deviantArt.
"Took you long enough."

Title: Nothing At All
Series: Naruto
Pairing: HinaSasu (You read that right)
Rating: NC-17. This is 100% PWP and it is probably the smuttiest thing I've ever written. Proceed at your own risk.
Genre: Porn, Erotica? Romance. Let's go with romance.
Summary: All he has to do is say just one word. Just one word and she'll give him what he wants. But what he really wants, what he really needs, is to be broken. Birthday fic for
Warnings: BDSM, toys, D/s, OOCness during Playtime.
"How are you feeling, Sasuke?"

WIP Series Fics:

Title: A Traitor Branded (Original Concept)
Series: Naruto
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairing: SasuHina
Rating: M
Chapters: 11/? (WIP)
Summary: This was the original storyline for A Traitor Branded. Fairheartstrife wanted to read it so I figured I could upload it here. Better than it sitting on my HD!
Warnings: None
Notes: This fic will be worked on when I have time. It was the original storyline and was scrapped for the version that's on FF. Ahm just sharing it :) The storyline was scrapped because Sasuke lost it as I was writing this and it made me lose my muse as I had wanted it to be somewhat canon. You'll probably see why once you read it.
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven

Title: Oath
Series: Naruto
Rating: M
Genre: Adventure/Romance/Drama 
Pairings: GaaHina, NejiHina, SasuHina if you squint
Chapters: 10 (Complete)
Summary: When the villages were first established the founders tried to acquire many clans under their banner, the two most sought after being the Hyuuga and the Uchiha. Konoha acquired the Uchiha, Suna acquired the Hyuuga. Hinata, an outcast socially and in her family at her young age one day runs into a red-haired child who just so happens to possess a demon. A 'What If' story. The initial idea was from a fanfic I read but it was never finished. I'm going to completely different route for the most part, but I thought the premise was intriguing. The story has actually taken a really huge twist, to the point where I'm not entirely sure the story will still end with Gaara and Hinata together romantically...I honestly don't know. It might turn into a friendship fic and they end up with different people...I have no clue and I am baffled by what's going on ATM.
Warnings: I've taken huge liberties with the actual series and the general flow doesn't 100% match the Anime...and it ain't gonna.
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten

Title: Cursed Lineages
Series: Naruto
Pairing(s): SasuHina, NejiTen, NaruSaku, GaaraOC, and more if they pop up.
Genre: Drama/Family/Angst(?)
Rating: M
Chapters: 6/??(WIP)
Summary: The sequel to A Traitor Branded. Years have passed and tensions between clans are on high as the village begins to grow, the economy begins to thrive and power struggles continue. Just because Sasuke became the Otokage doesn't mean that hatred of him has waned from those he had wronged (and those he hadn't). However, this time instead of taking it out on him or his wife, they attack Mitsuaki, their seven year old son. On top of that, Hinata's pregnancy with the twins is taking a turn for the worse. What will happen to the fledgling village if once again everything the fallen avenger has ever loved and cared for is taken away from him?
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six

Title: To Make Her Smile
Series: Naruto
Pairing: ShikaHinaSasu
Rating: K+ now, M later
Genre: Friendship/Romance (A bit o'angst)
Chapters: 1 (Complete)
Summary: She should always be smiling, at least, that's what they believed. The fact that they had been the ones to first make her smile would begin an unbreakable bond between the three of them.
Warnings: Besides a bit o angst, none.
Chapter One

Title: Break
Series: Naruto
Pairing: SasuNeji, one sided NaruSasu
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: T
Chapters: 1/??
Notes: I had actually finished this a day ago, just didn't feel like posting.
Chapter One

Title: A Stack Of Letters Re-Written Version (Hiatus)
Chapter One Chapter Two Lemon Chapters:

A Traitor Branded – Chapter Twenty One

The Debut – Chapter Seventeen and Chapter Nineteen

The Ties That Bind Us - Chapter Eleven

Verbal Confessions – Chapter Eight


Naruto OC Bios


Title: Gift
Series: Naruto
Rating: Unknown for now
Genre: Romance/Family 
Pairings: ItaHina(flashbacks), SasuHina, NejiGaa, ShikaTema
Chapters: 4/?? (WIP)
Summary: Based off of
8. Innocence from the 100 Theme Challenge. After five years Uchiha Sasuke has finally been given his freedom. Shortly thereafter he learns of a shocking truth: his older brother had a child ten years ago. The mother? Hyuuga Hinata. How it happened he has no idea, but he's going to Suna to find out. It can also be read here.
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four

Title: Reformed
Series: Naruto
Pairing: SasuNeji(kiind of)
Genre: Supernatural/Drama/Angst?
Rating: M
Chapters: 1/ (Hiatus)
Summary: Neji is assigned to evaluate and report within a year whether or not Uchiha Sasuke can be trusted to become a part of Konoha again. He goes into the mission trying to be as neutral as possible...until he slowly begins unwraveling the truth behind the Uchiha and his clan.
Chapter One

Title:1000 Years
Series: Naruto
Pairing: NejiHina, SasuHina, potential NejiHinaSasu
Rating: M
Chapters: 2/?? (Discontinued)
Summary:  "Neji, if I died and was reborn as someone else, would you remember me?"
"Hinata-sama, if you were to die, I'd never forgive myself for not protecting the one I love the most...but, if you were to, and you were reincarnated, I'd search for you endlessly. Even if took me a thousand years, I'd never stop until I found you."
Inspired by
this beautiful picture. I edited the quote in the description but it was so beautiful and inspiring that an idea popped into my head. AU.
Chapter One Chapter Two

Title: Amaterasu
Series: Naruto
Pairing: SasuHinaGaa, ItaNejiShika(?)
Chapters: 2/?? (DISCONTINUED)
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: M(?) or T
Summary: When Uchiha Sasuke is late for his first band meeting (and so must go get the morning coffee), he comes across a new talent by the name of Hyuuga Hinata. From the moment he hears her voice he knows he's in love and decides to become her mentor and have her open for his band's tour. Will he actually try and make a move when he's got an annoying girlfriend, annoying friends, and meddlesome relatives? On top of that, he's not the only one who has noticed her...the famous model Sabaku Gaara also seems to have his eyes on her...and he is very used to getting what he wants.
Chapter One Chapter Two

Title: It's All A Lie
Series: Naruto
Pairings: SasuHina, some mildly implied one sided NejiHina. More to come if I feel like it.
Genre: Drama/Romance(?)
Rating: T for now
Chapters: 8/?? (Discontinued)
Summary: Set during the 4th Shinobi war. Sasuke encounters the two Hyuuga and Hinata's words make the Uchiha strive to prove her wrong. No matter what it takes. Madara, however, has bigger plans for this unexpected scenario...
Notes: Canon-verse as much as I can make it. Eventually this will no longer be anywhere close to accurate as the manga goes on, but that's okay. The story will probably become Mature later on. Beta'd by
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chaper Six Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

Title: Untitled
Series: Naruto
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairings: SasuNaru(briefly), SasuNeji
Chapters: 3 (Scrapped, See Break)
Summary: Neji's returned from abroad to attend university and lands a room at the Uchiha house. There he meets Sasuke, a headstrong senior in high school who is going through a rough spot relationship-wise.
Warnings: None. First time writing 1st person so sorry for suck.
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three


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