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Jul. 3rd, 2011 05:34 pm
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Title: My Name
Series: Dragon Age: Origins
Pairing(s): Alistair/F!Surana(past), Zevran/F!Surana
Genre: Drama/Hurt and Comfort/ with a bit of Angst
Rating: T
Chapters: One Shot
Summary: Three years have passed since the Blight, and Alistair is now ready to seek some desperately needed closure between himself and the one who he felt had so thoroughly stabbed him in the heart. Zevran isn't feeling particulary sympathetic.
Notes: This idea came to me after I read "The Stolen Throne". There's some heavy spoilers for that, if you haven't read the book. In my Mage playthrough, Surana had slept with Alistair and they had a good thing going for a while, and then when he confessed his love for her she dropped him like a bad habit and then went to sleep with Zevran. This could or could not have been because during my first playthrough with Rogue!Tabris, I was absolutely outraged that he had dropped her like a bad habit after the landsmeet. I know why he does it, I dun care, I wanted some petty revenge. But upon reading the book, it gave me the perfect idea as to why Surana did what she did, and I added a touch of Zevran because I love him.
BTW, I suck at writing DA:O Characters. Forgive my fail.

Amore - Italian endearment(since Antivan is pretty much Italian)
Cara mia - A deeper form of 'amore', denoting a more intimate relationship between the two, like a husband speaking to his wife.

And yes, for those familiar with my original work, I used Briae in my playthrough. Lemme alone.


My Name )


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Title: BECAUSE HOLLY IS THE BEST. (No seriously, that's the title)
Series: Naruto
Pairing: SasuNaru(one sided), SasuNeji
Genre: Friendship/Romance?
Rating: T
Chapters: One Shot
Summary: It's over and years have passed. The confession finally comes, but his dark gaze was focused elsewhere. This is just me letting out some frustration/venting. Holly is to blame for the theme/quotes used of/in this fic.
Warnings: If you're a NaruSasuNaruSasuWHATEVER fan, you might not want to read this. If you do, well, I can't really stop you. Flaming me will probably only make me hate the pairing more at this point though. I don't want to hate the pairing, so let's just let me vent and move on.


"Then you'll have to work for it. I'm not giving you anything." )
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Title: Angel of Deliverance
Series: Naruto
Pairing: SasuHina, ItaHina(friendship)
Genre: Friendship/Romance/Tradegy
Rating: K+
Chapters: One Shot
Summary: My half of the art trade with MsMomo2010 over on dA. She asked for a one shot based on this pic:

by ~MsMomo2010 on deviantART
Warning: Character death...although he's kind of already died but whatever.
Notes: I really liked working on this and I have
[info]darth_buddy 's ItaHinaSasu fic to work on as well for her birthday and I think I have an idea for that. This was actually rather emotional for me, I got a little teary-eyed. I never get teary-eyed. XD Unbeta'd. I hope you like it, dear!


"I am...all he has..." )


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Title: Deadly Envy
Series: Naruto
Pairing: None really, although it's focus is on Sasuke and Hinata.
Chapters: One Shot
Genre: Drama/Angst
Rating: T
Summary: She had everything he should have had. She was everything he should have been. When he finally achieved his goals, she would know his suffering. She would know his pain. Only then would he finally kill her.
Warnings: None, unless Crazy!Sasuke is warning worthy.
Notes: This popped into my head and so I wrote it. There ya go.


Deadly Envy )



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