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Prompt: Never Again
Series: Transcendence (Arcanus Series)
Pairing: Varicen vil Foclner and Rorizin vil Wesser(VariRori) M/M
Rating: T
Words: 1,326
Notes: I know that all of my prompts were Naruto...but this idea wouldn't leave my head so here it is. I don't think anyone's read Transcendence but I tried to give enough background so you kind of can tell what's happened. Sorry, but I just love their relationship, I had to write on them.


Laughter filled the lake as Rori watched his childhood friend and lover move skillfully, lips moving and eyes slightly hooded as he spoke to the spirits. Water danced and sparkled in the light around the blond, violet eyes bright. His lips were tilted up in that smile; the one that always made the albino feel weak and his heart flutter.

Although Varicen’s prior life had been a horrid one and as a person he had been one fucked up individual, that was no longer the case. Varicen and Veciel might share the same spirit, but they were two completely different people who had lived two completely different lives. It proved that it was not the spirit that was tainted, but the person. Their lives, how they lived them, their environment, that was what corrupted, not anything deeply internal.

Regardless, because of Veciel’s awakening, Vari could now communicate with the water spirits as he had been able to do when he had been a high elf two hundred years ago. While his human body prevented him from doing so with the same ease and skill, Rori enjoyed it. He enjoyed no longer being the only human magic user to exist. He enjoyed watching instead of being watched. He enjoyed how beautiful his love looked as he tapped into his element. Watching him now, he didn’t need Salil’s words to tell him what he already knew.

Varicen vil Foclner was his lifemate, his spiritual half. They had been drawn to each other like moths to a flame, their love and bond stronger than any obstacle. Stronger than death, stronger than lifetimes...

Stronger than...

Cold water splashed his face and Rori blinked, blue eyes wide with shock. Those eyes narrowed and a white brow rose as Vari laughed at him, failing at looking innocent. Violet eyes danced with mischief and something more. So he wanted to play like that, did he?

The spirits were quite pleased about this, wanting to play. Although it was still difficult for him to fully understand them like the other races could, he knew enough to know that the water sloshing around him, tugging at his clothes lightly was subtle encouragement.

It was so on.

Commands filled the air as voices rose and arms gently directed or shaped the water as the caster desired. The water war was practically no holds barred as they ran on top of the surface, splashes, waves, and orbs flinging back and forth. The two men laughed and acted as if they were ten and eleven instead of twenty and twenty-one. They ducked and dodged but it was water and eventually clothes were soaked and skin was glistening.

Then, in a display of unusual aggressiveness, Rori shot forward and tackled the blonde, sending them both into the lake. The spirits, of course, decided to be their playful selves and they fell into the water instead of on top of the surface. Within seconds white and blonde hair broke the surface and the two continued laughing even as they dragged their tired bodies from the lake.

Winded, they both stripped and dried off with the towels they had brought and flopped down on the blanket they had sprawled out. Removing the ties from their hair, long locks flared out behind them as they let it air dry. Even though they were no longer nobles, they still carried out the tradition. Still chuckling, the smile completely disappeared from both of their lips when Vari shifted his body to half lie on top of Rori’s.

Rori stiffened and blue eyes flashed with fear. It had only been for a split second but that was all it had taken. Instead of blonde hair and violet eyes, black hair and obsidian had been looking down at him. He tensed and immediately Vari was off of him and sitting up. Distressed, Rori also sat up, his hand reaching out to reassure his lover.

“Vari...” it wasn’t his fault, he wanted to tell him that. At the time, Vari had been gone, his soul ripped from his body as he became someone else for five years. Unfortunately, only ten months had happened since that incident and Vari had only been back in his life for two of those. The wounds were still raw.

“I’m sorry.”

Blue eyes closed with sorrow. Even though Vari had been taken against his will, he would never forgive himself for what happened. Even though he had warned Rori, even though he had seen it and Rori hadn’t wanted to believe it. The fault was his, not Vari’s. In the end, he had deserved what had transpired. “Don’t be, Varicen.” He looked into his lover’s eyes. “I love you.” And I still want you.

Gods did he want him. Five years had been such a long time and although the fear would hit him, the desire to be in Vari’s arms again, to have the other male touch him and make love to him again was strong. Their relationship had always been a passionate one, their bond had always been strong. It had led them to do some rather foolish things at young ages, but neither regretted it. Never would.

A gasp left Rori as he suddenly found himself in Vari’s lap. Red burned his pale cheeks for they were completely naked and...well...

“I’ve been meaning to say this for a while,” violet eyes were burning with emotion as he looked up at Rori. “Tell me what I have to do, Rorizin, because I cannot stand the fact that he was the last one to touch you. It torments me but I don’t know what to do.” Stunned, Rori remained silent as strong arms wrapped around his lithe frame and Vari’s forehead pressed against his collarbone.

“Never again.” Hot kisses pressed along cool skin and Rori shuddered, a soft sigh escaping. Hands skimmed along his skin lovingly, sending tingles and heat throughout his body. Vari’s breath quickened when their bodies stirred. Hands slid up Rori’s back. “I don’t ever want anyone to touch you like this, Rorizin.” The soft baritone of the sixteen year old had long since deepened into a richer sound that was now husky with lust and desire. “I’m the only one.”

Those words touched him on a level Rori would never be able to express with words. But Vari had always been able to do that, to melt him with just simple words and touches. With just a smile Rori would forget about his life at home. With just a glance Vari had been able to make Rori feel as if he were the most treasured thing in the world instead of a burden.  

Yes, Kaden had also been there, had also helped...but it had been Vari from the beginning who had believed in him no matter what. Vari, who had loved him in every way imaginable. Vari, who still wanted him even though...

Lips connected and the blonde practically melted underneath him. A low moan escaped when Rori teased the other’s lips with his tongue, deepening their kiss. So long. It had taken months just for the albino to become comfortable with Vari’s more intimate touches and now, he felt he was ready. Wanted to be ready.

They parted after a long moment, gasping for air. Slowly, Rori pushed on Vari’s chest until the bigger male was lying down. Then he bent over, white strands drifting over them in wet clumps. He smiled at heated violet eyes. As long as it was like this, it would be fine. Like this, he wasn’t reminded of dark hair and eyes. Of being grabbed and beaten.

Never again. We move forward together, as we always have.

“What you can do,” Rori’s voice was a whisper as he leaned forward, darting his tongue out to trace full lips. His lover gasped. “Is keep moving those hands over I ride you.” He swallowed the other male’s groan with a hard kiss.

Date: 2010-12-13 02:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

I love them, and I barely know them. You definitely have a strong bond established, because it came across in this small snippet into their lives. FABULOUS!! <3

Date: 2010-12-13 10:03 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yay! Glad you enjoyed it! I love these two, they're so close and their bond is so strong. *hugs them*


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