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Title: Shattered Dreams pt 2: Confession
Series: Naruto
Pairing: SasuHina
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: T
Summary: AU. Gender-bender. Sasuko has it all. Looks, popularity, all the guys want her, all the girls want to be her. Top it off, she finally gets accepted into ANBU. All of that comes crashing down when a certain Hyuuga comes into her life and she's really not appreciative.


Naruto – Naruko
Sasuke – Sasuko
Sakura – Sakushun
Neji – Nejiko
Itachi – Itachiko
Hinata – Hinataro
Hanabi – Hanabimaru
Kakashi - Kagashi

Parental units stay the same. Didn’t feel like screwing with it.



It wasn’t until she reached the training grounds that she stopped. Leaning against a training post, she slid down to the ground, pressing her forehead against the cool wood.

Her life was over. Dreams, goals, ambitions, shattered.

Hyuuga Hinataro was the heir to the clan, meaning that her being in ANBU would affect his future interests of children. Had it been an arranged marriage, she could have probably fought it. With him specifically requesting her hand, though, it meant that if he didn’t want her doing such dangerous activities, she wouldn’t. What fiancé would want their betrothed going into a force with a less than thirty percent survival ratio?

They would probably get married right away, since they were both eighteen. Damnit, why did it have to be the Hyuuga?

I will not cry. I’m an Uchiha and we do not cry. Sasuko scolded herself as she sat up, pressing her back against the post. It was getting dark now and her dark grey eyes looked up at the sky. She blinked rapidly, trying to ignore the sting of tears. When was the last time she had cried? She couldn’t remember.

She had worked so hard and for what? To become the obedient wife of a Hyuuga. It didn’t matter that it was him; it was clear now that he was just like all the other guys and...

“Sasuko-san?” her head lowered as she dully watched the object of her thoughts come into the clearing. He looked nervous, shifting and looking as if he wanted to scratch his cheek, a habit he had since he was a boy. “I...”

“Get lost, Hyuuga.” She snapped, looking away. “You’re the last person I want to talk to right now.”

“I know.” He sounded so dejected that she looked at him again and started. His pale gaze was focused on the ground and he looked sad. Instead of making her feel bad, it only made her angry.

Getting up, she walked over, dark eyes glittering. Startled, he began to instinctively take steps back, his hands raised in a pacifying gesture. “S-Sasuko-san?”

“What are you looking so sad about, huh?” she demanded and without warning, she launched into a series of attacks. Completely taken off guard, Hinataro began to duck and dodge, defending but never going offensive. “I’m the one who should be looking sad! You just ruined my life!”

“I’m sorry!” he exclaimed. A few hits got in and a few hits he let her get in. Neither had their kekkei genkai activated. “I...I really wasn’t trying to ruin your life, Sasuko-san!”

She wasn’t trying to hear his excuses. “Because of you I can’t join ANBU!”

Eyes widened. “What? Wait...that’s not...” he grimaced as she landed a chakra filled kick to his forearm that was blocking his head. He was sure the cracking sound was a bad sign.

“I have to become a stupid housewife...because of you!

“Sasuko-san!” Hinataro was pleading now. “J-just listen to me for a second –“

“You don’t even like me!” and that was, at the moment for the emotional woman, the crux of the matter. “You’re still in love with Naruko!” she knew she should calm down before she said something stupid, but she was so angry and frustrated she couldn’t help the words that came out of her mouth next. “I thought you said you wanted to marry for love, not for genes you –“

“I...” his voice rose and he frowned at her. Before either of them realized it, he was yelling back.

“I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t love you!”

The two stared at each other in stunned silence.

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