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Title: Shattered Dreams pt 3: Intervention
Series: Naruto
Pairing: SasuHina
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: T
Summary: AU. Gender-bender. Sasuko has it all. Looks, popularity, all the guys want her, all the girls want to be her. Top it off, she finally gets accepted into ANBU. All of that comes crashing down when a certain Hyuuga comes into her life and she's really not appreciative.



Naruto – Naruko
Sasuke – Sasuko
Sakura – Sakushun
Neji – Nejiko
Itachi – Itachiko
Hinata – Hinataro
Hanabi – Hanabimaru
Kakashi - Kagashi

Parental units stay the same. Didn’t feel like screwing with it.



Sighing, Hinataro sat down, hanging his head. “I...I’m sorry.” He said softly, forcing Sasuko to strain to hear him. “I don’t mind if you hate me...but they were going to...”

Calming herself, Sasuko crossed her arms and looked down at the Hyuuga, not wanting to reveal anything. She needed answers. “Who?”

“The Uchiha council.” He looked up at her, white eyes pleading. “They wanted to marry you off to one of the lords here in the country.” Her eyes widened at this, arms dropping. “Do you remember your eighteenth birthday? One of the men invited had asked for you. I heard about it and...”

And he intervened. She concluded, unsure of how to feel. Hinataro was heir to the Hyuuga, so his claim would overrule as shinobi marrying into shinobi families were more appreciated than marrying into one that was not. Especially the Hyuuga, who contributed much to the village. The lord could complain to the daimyo all he wanted, but Hyuuga always won out concerning political affairs in the village.

She gulped, failing to fight down the blush on her cheeks “ uh...l-love me? You did it?”

“I...” turning bright red, he looked down, scratching his cheek. “W-well...I h-heard that the rumors about you uh, wanting to become ANBU a-and I know how strong you are. You’d make it, I think.” he looked very nervous. “You would have had to move away and I know how much being a shinobi means to you so...” he trailed off and she found herself smiling.

He really was cute.

She wondered if she should tell him how she had liked him for years now but had ignored it because of his obvious attraction to Naruko. Discovering that his affections had shifted was a definite surprise and she felt a little giddy. Although they were never super close, they would be married now and from the sounds of it, he had no intentions of keeping her from her dreams.

Sasuko couldn’t help falling in love with him even more for that. One of the reasons she fell for him was how understanding and accepting he was of people and their flaws. He didn’t judge, he didn’t try to assume the best or worst of people. He simply saw what he saw and reacted accordingly the best way he knew.

“I got accepted into ANBU. I report tonight.”

Her smile warmed when he looked up at her with happy surprise. “I...Sasuko-san that’s great. I’m so happy for you.” The expression sombered. “I should have talked to you about it, I’m sorry. It’s just...when I heard I panicked and spoke to my otousan immediately. I didn’t even think, I just...reacted.” he got on his knees, to her surprise, and bowed. “Please forgive me. I know I’ve ruined your life but I promise to be a good husband to you! If...if you l-like s-someone else I-I’ll even...”

“Hyuuga.” Sighing, she walked over to him. Grabbing his shoulders, she helped him stand, taking in the way he refused to look at her. He was trying to hide his emotions but that was something he had never been good at. He expected to have his feelings rejected. “We’ll make it work.”

He was surprised at her lips pressing against his. Timidly, strong arms wrapped around her and he sighed. Of relief or happiness she couldn’t tell. Maybe it was both. It was a chaste kiss, for neither truly knew how to deepen it. When they pulled away, they were smiling.

“Alright.” Was all he said.

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