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Title: Academy Days (pt 2)
Series: Naruto
Pairing: ShikaHinaSasu
Genre: Family
Rating: T (for Sasuke dropping the F-bomb)
Summary: The kids come home from school and a rough topic is addressed.
Note: Shikamaru and Sasuke educate the kids.
 Sasuke has...interesting parenting skills.


Dark eyes took in the six children. Crossing his arms, Sasuke regarded the four youngest. “Cleaning rotation until your suspension is up.” He said flatly. “No arguing, no whining, no pleading to okaasan or I’ll tack on more for all of you on a weekly basis. That includes yard work and any help your grandparents need done. You skate, you die. Got that?”

Tiny mouths dropped, jaws worked. The twins had the common sense to look neutral and detached. Laughing at their siblings’ plight would only get them involved. Shikamaru stood off to the side, also looking neutral. The punishment wasn’t as hard as it sounded. They kept a fairly clean house and yard so the children really wouldn’t have terribly much to do unless they went to his parents house. Since Sasuke had added on ‘grandparents’, he had probably planned on them going there mostly to help out.

If nothing else, it’d prepare them for genin D rank missions. While Sasuke joked around and acted like jerk around his significant others, he took child-rearing very seriously. He was strict and tried hard not to show favoritism. To Shikamaru and Sasuke, all of the children were theirs, even the ones that biologically were not.

The Uchiha motioned for the children to sit around them. Where Shikamaru had Risa back in his lap, Sasuke had picked up her twin brother Jun. He motioned for Hikaru to move near him and put a hand through the boy’s hair.

“Listen,” he began, making sure they all had his attention “Shikamaru, your mother, and I are in a situation that’s different from others. People don’t always like different. You know the Kazekage and Naruto, people hated them at first because they were different.”

Black and white eyes widened in clear shock at this. Shikamaru picked up the story. “Yeah, he’s right. People hated them because they were different. When we were kids, we didn’t even know why we had to hate Naruto, just that we did because he was different somehow.”

“Papa,” Hikaru frowned in confusion, leaning against Sasuke’s leg as he sat on the floor. “Why do people hate different?”

“Ignorance.” Sasuke answered. “If they don’t get it, if it can’t be explained in a way that makes sense to them, they just dislike it. It’s stupid and they’re stupid. No one in this house is an idiot, so don’t act like one. Hitting someone just because they say something stupid just makes them believe it all the more. That means you wasted your time and energy for nothing.”

They all seemed to absorb this. Eventually, Jun snuggled closer to his papa, no longer upset about being punished now that he understood a little better. “B-but...” the little boy looked down, poking his fingers together shyly “What if they...what if they hit us first?”

Shikamaru decided to answer this one. “Then you go and get Ir –“

“Then you go and kick their ass.” Sasuke interrupted, ignoring the Nara’s glare. “Show them they don’t screw with our family. So now that we got it straight: if you hit them, that’s bad because you’re wasting time hitting an idiot who won’t learn. But if they hit you, kick their ass and let them know you’re not to be fucked with. Then instead of being punished, I’ll give you guys some special training or something.”

The children erupted into cheers, even the two oldest looked intrigued. Shikamaru resisted the urge to slap his hand over his face.

Hinata was going to kill them.

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