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Title:1000 Years
Series: Naruto
Pairing: NejiHina, SasuHina others if I feel like it
Rating: M
Chapters: 3/??
Summary:  "Neji, if I died and was reborn as someone else, would you remember me?"
"Hinata-sama, if you were to die, I'd never forgive myself for not protecting the one I love the most...but, if you were to, and you were reincarnated, I'd search for you endlessly. Even if took me a thousand years, I'd never stop until I found you."
Inspired by
this beautiful picture. I edited the quote in the description but it was so beautiful and inspiring that an idea popped into my head. AU.




Her eyes fluttered open and she took in her surroundings. This was not her apartment back on the reservation. The room was familiar, though, and it only took a second for her to realize why.

Smiling, she turned around to face her bed mate, who currently had his arm around her waist. The arm tightened when she moved. Fighting not to giggle, Hinata took in the Uchiha’s boyish features as he slept. He had been frowning slightly until she settled down, then his expression smoothed back out. He was breathing evenly, long lashes brushing along pale cheeks. His lips were slightly parted and he looked quite comfortable.

Slowly, her hand rose and fingers brushed along his cheek. Another frown emerged and then dark eyes snapped open. He took her in for just a moment before letting out a grunt. Stretching out like a cat, Sasuke gave her a small grin.

“Morning.” His voice was lower than normal, a deep rumble. Letting her go, he rolled over on his back, looking up at the ceiling. His other arm went around her shoulders when she snuggled up next to him.

“Good morning.” She greeted, kissing his shoulder. Last night she had asked to stay the night over at his place and they had taken their relationship a step further. He had been reluctant, mostly because they both knew the real reason why she had wanted to do it. Still, Sasuke finally relented and now it was the morning after. “We have to get going to the airport soon.”

A low groan of annoyance escaped and the Uchiha rolled over so that his back was facing her. “Not interested. Going back to sleep now.”

Laughing, Hinata sat up, pushing at his back. “Sasuke, we have to go!”

“You have a license. Take my car. I’m tired.”

With a sigh, she pushed at him again. “Sasuke...”

He started to snore.

“Sasuke!” bending down, she bit the curve of his neck hard.

Jerking upright, he turned and tackled her, earning him squeaks and laughs of protest. This continued for a few minutes before the tickling and struggling turned into something a bit more intimate. Little was said for a while.

They both showered together in silence, Hinata’s thoughts on various things. She knew why she was doing things a certain way, but Sasuke had yet to truly offer an opinion. The man knew her better than she knew herself, it was eerie sometimes just how much. Perhaps he already knew and was just going to accept it. Normally, if Sasuke had something to say, he would say it.

While he was still getting dressed, Hinata walked out towards the main hall. Her gaze settled on the holobook he had shown everyone last night. It was sitting on a tall, slender table by the door. Opening it, she gazed at Hyuuga Neji’s picture. Fingers brushed along the image and tears pricked behind her eyes.

It doesn’t matter that he’s real... she scolded herself mentally, closing the book with a loud snap. He’s still a stranger. He’s not Sasuke. Sasuke...


Jumping, she turned to face her fiancé. His expression was devoid of all emotion, not even his eyes were giving away anything. He glanced at the device and then back at her.

“You don’t have to do this.” He reminded her, but she shook her head.

“Yes I do.” She was adamant. “I made a promise.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Now he was looking slightly exasperated with her.

“Yes it does.” Why didn’t he understand? “I can’t...I won’t go back on my word.”

“I can find someone else.”

She fought the desire to kick at his shins. She wasn’t going to budge on this. “But you asked me.”

“I don’t love you. It’s okay.”

She let out a sigh and briefly closed her eyes, looking down. Even though she knew that, it still hurt to hear the words. He was so cold and uncaring towards everyone else, but with her, it was different. It always had been. Hinata didn’t know if she loved Sasuke or not, but she did care deeply. They had been through so much together and they had always been close. They had always been there for each other.

“We should go.” She didn’t want to have this argument with him. She didn’t want to think about the way Hyuuga Neji, a man who was only supposed to exist in her dreams, made her feel. As far as she was concerned, all his existence proved was that he was a threat to her relationship with Sasuke. She wanted to keep her promise. Even though they didn’t love each other, they would be happy. It was more than any KG could hope for.

She didn’t want to ruin that for some stranger who could be nothing like the man in her dreams.

“I love you, Hinata-sama.”

“I...he’s...beautiful, Hinata. Our son...he’s beautiful.”

“Even if it took me a thousand years...I’ll find you.”

Hinata shook the thoughts from her mind. It didn’t matter. He didn’t matter. He was just a dream, not a memory. This was her reality.

Silence reigned in the apartment. Sasuke didn’t move, despite her suggesting that they leave. She refused to look at him, but she knew his gaze was focused on her. Why was he making this so difficult? It had to be her; no one else would make him happy.

Her thoughts were cut off as his cell went off. Frowning, Sasuke turned away from her slightly. “Yeah? Aburame? What is it?” more silence, for even with her excellent hearing, she couldn’t hear a word that was being said on the other line. “You want what? I thought you were going to pick up the idiot to make sure...right.” he sighed. “No, we haven’t left yet.  Yeah, Hinata is here.” A growl “Mind your own business. We’ll be there in forty.” He snapped the phone closed and shoved it in his pocket.

Putting a hand on his arm, she leaned against him and he didn’t protest. When it came to her touch, he never did. A smile flickered on her lips. “Shino-kun is going to be mad at you for hanging up on him.”

That earned her a look and a growl. “Whatever. I don’t care. We have to go pick up Naruto and we were assigned to pick up Hyuuga.” He didn’t react when she stiffened and looked uncomfortable. “Shino is going to get Rock Lee and Sakura is getting Lang. That’s the way he wants it. He’s irritated that you’re not with Sakura. It was supposed to be two of us to one of them.

“Anyway, we’re supposed to rendezvous at headquarters later tonight. Until then, it’s whatever we want to do. I suggest we just drop him off at their hotel and be done with it.”

Hinata was glad she wasn’t going to be stuck with Sakura. The two of them didn’t exactly get along anymore. Not since Sasuke asked her to marry him.

“Alright. That sounds fair.”

Nodding, he grabbed their jackets and handed over hers. When he moved to leave, she grabbed his arm, unable to look up at him.

“Is it alright if I...stay in the car? When you go to get him?”

Silence. Then, “Yeah. It’s alright. You want doofus to stick by you?”

Giggling, she shook her head. “If he wants. I don’t mind.”

With a nod, they left, heading for his car. He did not protest when she took his hand, interlacing their fingers. They took the elevator down to the garage and he punched in the number for his car at the gate. It took a full minute before the doors opened and the sleek black car emerged. There was a small Uchiha symbol on the front bumper, which meant that he was a KG. Only KG’s came from clans of old now.

“Uzumaki Naruto’s apartment.” he gave the command and the car was off, driving on auto. It sped through the reservation, which was little more than a gated city. Leaning back in her seat, Hinata closed her eyes, ignoring the sights. The reservation was beautiful, and technically an extension of New Konoha. Leaving it for the outside world depressed and frightened her.

The black headband she wore would single her out, despite her bangs. That was another reason why she didn’t want to get out of the car. She hated the looks she received when she left the reservation by civilians. She hated the wary or even disgusted looks. She hated seeing how segregated everything was. Did they really need two bathrooms for ‘Normals’ and ‘KG’s? The KG’s didn’t even get separated by gender, it didn’t matter to them.

The outside world was frightening, especially as a female. Men weren’t messed with so much, but many female KG’s refused to work outside of the reservation after dark because rape was so high. The UPA really didn’t enforce KG hate crimes like they claimed they did. Let a KG cross a line or even appear to cross a line outside, though. If they were lucky, they got a five minute trial before being sent to rehab. Most KG’s didn’t return from rehab the same.

Something warm touched her thigh. A hand. “Hinata?” she looked up at Sasuke who was giving her a strange look. “You look as if someone farted.”

She laughed out loud at this and shook her head. “I’m fine.” Sitting up, she framed his face in her hands and kissed him briefly. He blinked at her when she pulled back before shaking his head and turning towards the front again. When she took his hand, once again he did not protest. She smiled to herself.

Sasuke could say what he wanted, he needed her. It wouldn’t be the same with anyone else.

Naruto was, surprisingly, ready for them when they arrived. “Hey Hinata! Bastard!” he slid into the back seat. Sasuke ignored him as he set the command for them to go to the airport. “So, I heard we got the ‘deadly assassin’.” He wiggled his hands and said the last words in a mocking tone.  “So scary. I bet ten to one the guy’s a jerkoff. Probably more of a jerk than this bastard you got hassled into marrying.”

Hinata frowned “Naruto-kun, Sasuke didn’t –“

“I know, I know!” the blonde laughed, waving her off playfully. “I’m just yankin’ your chain, Hinata.” Sasuke continued to ignore Naruto, earning him a glare. “He already in a bad mood or what?”

“I was in an amazing mood until some dumbass got in my car and started talking.” Sasuke finally chimed in, looking bored as he crossed his arms. “Now I have a headache.”

“What was that?” Naruto practically shouted it, which made Hinata wince. The car wasn’t exactly sound proof. “You wanna say that again to my face?”

Turning, Sasuke moved to do just that. “Alright then, loser, since you’re deaf as well as retarded –“ he paused when Hinata moved and put a hand on his shoulder to restrain him. “What?” he looked slightly annoyed. “I’m just going to go back there and shut him up.”

“You two...really shouldn’t...” her gaze was pleading as she looked at both males. After a moment of Hinata’s puppy dog look, they both backed down, grumbling.

“He started it...” Naruto muttered.

“Keep telling yourself that.”

“You callin’ me a liar?”

Hinata sighed. “Please you two, we’re almost there. Don’t fight.”

“Man, you’re lucky Hinata’s so sweet, bastard. “

“Whatever.” Sasuke decided the best way to deal with Naruto at this point was to just remain silent. He really didn’t want to upset Hinata.

He hadn’t missed the look on her face the moment they left the reservation to get Naruto. He knew how much she hated it, how nervous she felt when she left the gates. There was a very good reason for that, she had almost been a victim of a serious hate crime years ago. He had saved her, at the serious risk of going to jail. Thankfully, it had been night and his features had made it difficult to identify him as a KG at first glance, unlike Hinata with her white eyes.

It was one of the many reasons why Hinata would remain loyal to him. Not the reason, but a big one.

“Stay with her.” He told Naruto as he got out of the car. He gave it a command to circle around the airport until he returned. When Naruto began to protest he cut him off “Don’t let anyone mess with her. She wants to stay in the car.”

The blonde immediately sobered up and nodded, shifting to the front seat. Everyone knew about that night and understood her fear of the civilian world. Had Sasuke not been there, Hinata would have either had to have revealed herself as a shinobi or dealt with the abuse. The former would have gotten her killed.

He was actually glad Hinata wanted to stay in the car. It would make this confrontation much easier.


It had taken Neji all of his willpower not to activate his Byakugan the moment he sensed the powerful genjutsu that filled the entire arrival section of the airport. He was rendered speechless as silence descended. He looked around, taking in how no alarms were going off and how none of the UPA officers seemed to notice what was going on. Not even the sensors were picking up anything.

Strangest of all, no one seemed to be looking at him. He had been waiting in an open area, as Rock Lee and Tenten had already left with their assigned shinobi. It was obvious that he was a KG and yet all the usual stares had vanished. It was as if he wasn’t there.

What in the world...?

“Well, well. Hyuuga Neji finally makes it here.”

The voice was oddly familiar, but he couldn’t quite place it. He looked around, but saw nothing. “Who’s there?” he demanded, resisting the urge to get into a defensive stance. He didn’t trust any of this.

“Forgotten me already?” the voice sounded amused. “And after all we’ve been through together. I think I’m hurt, Hyuuga.”

Wait...I know that voice. “Uchiha?”

The dark haired male emerged then, as if from thin air. Despite the amused tone from a moment ago, he looked completely serious. It was his eyes that struck Neji as odd. He tried hard to shift through his memories, but for some reason, it was as if there was a block there. It was the Sharingan, he remembered that much, but there was something very different about it. The sheer power emanating from the other male was almost frightening. How did this man hold so much power?

“Neji.” Black mixed with crimson eyes narrowed. After a moment, he shook his head. “Your memories haven’t fully returned. That’s...annoying.”

“No, not yet. I...” the overnight bag Neji had been carrying dropped straight to the ground as he stared at this strange man. “ did you...?”

“The genjutsu I placed isn’t like anything these guys can detect, so you can say and do whatever.” He cut in. “This is kind of like the Tsukuyomi, where time has little meaning for now.”

The Uchiha’s posture and entire demeanor seemed to change. He stood taller, his face was completely unreadable. It was his eyes that gave it away, that there was something much more to him. Something older. Something out of this world in terms of power. Frantically, Neji scanned his mind, trying to understand what was going on. He could feel heavy blocks in his memory whenever he tried to delve too deep into who Uchiha Sasuke was, but those eyes...

“You’re...” realizing, Neji sucked in a small breath. “The Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.” That was why his eyes looked so vastly different from anything he could remember.

A smirk emerged. “That is correct. The one thing I learned about the Eternal Mangekyo, Neji, is that it’s eternal.” He walked up to the Hyuuga and reached down, grabbing the man’s bag.

“It even crosses lifetimes.”

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Date: 2011-01-09 04:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
And things just got very, very interesting...

Although, I'm still cheering for Sasuke.

Sorry, Neji. :/

Date: 2011-01-09 04:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
lol Sorry, but not a SasuHina X3 ILU tho.

Date: 2011-01-11 09:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sasuke is so cool here.*_* (And I loved the scene where Sasuke and Naruto were fighting again. xD They´re just awesome when they do that..) I can´t wait for more!<3

Date: 2011-01-11 10:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
XD Naruto and Sasuke are forevar rivals, lol


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