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Writing a novel? Easy. I swear it is.

Doing the second draft? Now that's where the challenge is. Learning what to cut what not to cut. What to add and not. What to change and what not to change...


I'm okay, srsly. Every novelist goes through this, right? Because me and Transcendence just are NOT getting along right now. Stop changing on me, you stupid plot! You're annoying! *shakes fist at*

I'm not actually frustrated, it's kind of fun/not really to face the woes of novel writing. I mean, TBH, Destined has gone through so much. I had re-written it twice, submitted it to publishers, expanded it. Expanded it AGAIN, resubmitted. Rejected a Vanity publisher and expanded it AGAIN. It went from 27,000 - 63,000 words. I got me beta looking over it and once she goes over the chapters, I'm going over them once more and THEN I'm submitting it. I gotta write up a synopsis(or is it summary?) and I'm still trying to figure out how to condense everything into one page (Lawl)

Fey Publishing had told me to re-send it after expanding on it (they said minimum was 50,000 but they preferred 100,000). I'm hoping if it's eye catching enough, they'll want to take Arcanus. Or, I can wait until I finish Arcanus and submit that instead. I'll be working on Transcendence at the same time. *lesigh*

I know I should be posting this on the other journal, but I figured some folks might like to read my tales of trying to become a published author.

Fanfiction Front: Haven't given up on it. I'm doing a lot of shorts, like the 100 Theme Challenge. I do not, however, upload those here. You are more than welcome to wait until they pop up on FF, or you can view them on dA, which is where I post them. ATM, my novel has become my top priority and TBH, I'm really not in a SasuHina mood. I've neglected my SasuNeji OTP for too long and it's coming to bite me in the ass. So SasuNeji it is. Blame FF for not having enough good SasuNeji fics to sate my addiction.
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