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Title: A Thin Line
Pairing: SasuShika
Genre: Angst/Dark
Rating: M
Word Count: 366
Warnings: Implied dub-con, manipulation, angst, dark

Never in his life did Shikamaru ever believe he would fear the shadows until he had met Sasuke after the war. He remembered the moment clearly, the way the Uchiha's eternal crimson gaze settled on his face, the blank expression. Months had passed since Naruto had brought him back to Konoha, and the former traitor had just been released from confinement.

Shikamaru remembered the cold smile which had spread on slightly chapped lips. The way Sasuke had stared, as if privy to some secret joke. Remembered the heat radiating off of the other male's body as he pressed close, Sasuke's voice a mere whisper against his ears.

"There's a thin line between hate and fear, Nara." Sasuke had purred the words. "Let's see if you're smart enough to tell the difference."

Before he realized, instead of wanting nothing to do with the Uchiha, he found himself ass up, shouting as the Uchiha would go balls deep inside of him, his body already sore from their painful foreplay. Sasuke always sought him through the shadows, waiting for Shikamaru in his own element. He would whisper dark promises as they fucked, biting, scratching and laying claim.

"You're mine, shadow-boy." He would whisper. "No matter where you run, how you hide, I will find you." Sasuke's tongue, wet and hot, would streak along Shikamaru's neck. A low chuckle. "Have you found the line yet, Shika?"

Shikamaru would growl, which always earned him a good hair pulling, before narrowing his eyes. "There is no line." he finally hissed at Sasuke one day. "When it comes to you, it's the same thing." Fear, hate, Shikamaru had been unable to tell the difference the moment Sasuke had set his desires upon him. And yet...yet still...

"Good boy." Sasuke replied, voice strained as his hips pushed forward in his last few thrusts, filling his dubious lover. Tugging on Shikamaru's hair once more, Sasuke licked the seam of the Nara's lips, smirking. His eternal Mangekyo Sharingan spun lazily, keeping Shikamaru enthralled. "I'm proud of you."

And for all his hate, fear, and disgust, those words delved deep into Shikamaru's heart, and he found himself smiling.


Title: Confessions
Pairing: ShikaSasu, implied ShikaNejiSasu
Genre: General/Romance?
Rating: T
Word Count: 413
Warnings: Er, just lack of clarification of who is speaking, which is intentional. Implied polyamory relationship.

"I think I like you."

"But we're both guys."

"Yeah...I know."

The Uchiha and Nara sat on their typical tree branch on a hot summer day in Konoha. The two were inseparable along with the Hyuuga boy who was currently out on a mission. Sasuke leaned back on the branch, letting out a harsh breath as he looked up at the sky. The sun beat down on them despite the shade, Sasuke wished he had brought some sunscreen. He would probably burn horribly.

"How long?"

"A while now. Maybe longer."

" kind of weird."

"...Yeah. But I wanted to get it off my chest."

Shikamaru yawned, Sasuke closed his eyes. They were sixteen and chuunin now, Neji being a jounin and Sasuke up for promotion. They were all considered adults now, all of them free to choose their own path. But the path being offered wasn't an easy one. Homosexuality in a clan-based society typically was frowned upon, because a clan can't grow with two individuals of the same gender.

"You know, they'd probably still make us get married and have kids."


"That doesn't bother you?"

"Should it?"

The question was turned over and analyzed. Such a simple thing, yet so many heavy implications.

"I don't know if I'd want to share."

"Then don't."

"Wait, what about Neji?"

A shrug, the simple roll of the shoulders. "I think he likes us both...but you said you don't want to share..."

"Maybe...if it was him...I wouldn't mind."

The response earns him a chuckle and a head shake. "So...does that mean you like me back? That's all I really wanted to know."

"Oh. I...yeah. Sure. I guess I do. So...uh, what now?"

His question is answered with the simple brushing of the lips. Soft, warm, tinged with salt and everything he would have imagined for his first kiss. Their tongues mingle, the sliding of slick muscle, the taste of lingering chocolate ice cream.

"What now?" they part finally, breathless, foreheads pressed together, eyes hooded. Excitement and lust seep into their stomachs forming a tight heat, stretching to their groin. "Now, we go back to my place. Tell your mom you're spending the night."

"I like that plan."

The two young men stand, each giving the other a mischievous grin. Fingers flicker in familiar gestures and then they're both gone in a puff of smoke.


Title: Dirty Dealings
Pairing: ShikaNejiSasu
Genre: General/Humor(I suck at humor)
Rating: T
Word Count: 346
Warnings: Implied cross-dressing, er, some OOCness. Polyamory relationship.

"Hyuuga, Uchiha, what the hell is this?"

The two geniuses looked at each other as they sat on the couch. Sasuke had been taking a sip of his coffee while Neji had been reading the newspaper. Across the coffee table stood Shikamaru, holding up a very racy black bra.

"We..." Sasuke began, setting his cup down. "Can explain that."

"And there is." Neji continued, clearing his throat and folding the newspaper. His face tinted with red. "A perfectly good explanation, I mean."

Snorting, Shikamaru tossed the bra on the table as if he would catch some sort of disease and crossed his arms. "This should be interesting." He tried to keep from smirking – this really had to be good if Neji was already blushing – but couldn't keep his traitorous lips from twitching upwards while his boyfriends squirmed uncomfortably.

Sasuke sighed, leaning back on the couch and propping up one leg along his thigh. "It's not even a long one. It can all be explained with one word: Naruto."

Enough said, indeed. "Who lost the bet?" Shikamaru wanted to know.

The two males on the couch pointed at each other. "He did."

"Hn." Slowly, the Nara pulled out a pair of matching panties for the bra, except red. "So...that would explain this too, right?"

"Shit." Neji snorted as Sasuke slapped a hand over his face and groaned. "I thought I burned those."

"All right princesses," Chuckling, Shikamaru tossed the panties on the table. "You know how the 'I told you so' deal works." He walked over to the arm chair, sitting down and crossing his legs. "I want a lap dance, and I want you to wear those while you do. Matching set is in the bedroom."

Both males bristled.

"Shika, you cannot be serious..."

"I'm going to kill Naruto..."

With his best shit-eating grin, Shikamaru put his hands behind his back. He would have to do dirty dealings with Naruto more often.

"Daddy's waiting, sweethearts."


Theme: Hair
Series: Naruto
Pairing: ShikaSasu
Rating: T
Words: 430
Requester: Essenceofthedark


Rumors boasted of how patient Shikamaru Nara could be when he had to deal with troublesome things. This was said to be due in part to his overly lazy nature – he simply couldn't be bothered to care enough to do anything. Most of the time, careful prodding and manipulation could get the lazy teen-almost-adult to do just about anything, especially if the individual were loud and female. Shikamaru learned early on the easiest way to shut a female up was to do what she wanted and move on to more enjoyable things.

Unfortunately, in this case, the individual was neither lour nor female, but equally annoying. This person also was trying Shikamaru's well tempered patience, a monumental feat in and of itself.

He let out an audible sigh, his head buried in his arms. "Do you mind?" his muffled voice sounded bland and flat.

Shikamaru could hear the smile in the other's voice. "Sure don't."

Another sigh. "Sasuke."


"Troublesome...stop messing with my hair."

A small pause before Shikamaru's hair was given a sharp tug. "No."

Although the rumors of Shikamaru's patience – laziness – were true, the rumors of Sasuke Uchiha's tenacity and drive were equally so. Right now, he wanted attention. Attention Shikamaru refused to give.  Sasuke did not enjoy being ignored.


Shikamaru let out another sigh. He could either continue to ignore Sasuke in hopes the other boy would eventually give up and leave, or he could give in and let Sasuke have what he wanted.

Tug. Tug, tug, tug.

At this point, even he had to admit this was a matter of pride. Sasuke seemed to always get what he wanted and quite frankly Shikamaru felt the guy needed a lesson in humility.

Tug, tug, tugtugtugtug...

But Sasuke really knew how to push a man's buttons. Having had enough, Shikamaru slammed his fists down on the table and sat up. "Damnit Uchiha! You troublesome son of a..."

His words were cut short when soft lips pressed against his and Sasuke's hand snaked through his thick hair, pulling apart his hair tie. Always the aggressor, Sasuke's tongue sought entrance, languidly exploring Shikamaru's mouth, teasing the other's tongue in a battle of supremacy. And with that final move, the Nara's resistance crumbled.

Sasuke, if nothing else, was a damned good kisser.

"There's easier ways of trying to get attention." Shikamaru gasped as they eventually broke apart. "Manipulative bastard."

"Yeah, but they're not as fun. Admit it, for all your bitching and moaning you like it when I give you my undivided attention."

Maybe, but Shikamaru would never admit it.


Title: Desire
Series: Naruto
Pairing: ShikaSasu
Rating: T
Words: 459
Requester: Wakasensei

"Tellz me, vat iz your greatest dezire?"

"Cut it out, Ino." With a growl, Shikamaru batted away his friend and teammate's hand, looking around the festival for some sort of excuse to get away. "You look ridiculous, by the way."

"Spoilsport." Ino huffed, putting her hands on her hips. She sat at one of the many festival booths, a large sign sporting a painted crystal ball and stars with the name MADAME INOVIA above her head. The makeup she wore was thick and bright, shades of blue and green with bright red lipstick and fake eyelashes. Apparently, the other females participating felt Ino looked mysterious and mystical. Shikamaru thought she looked like a retarded clown. "It's all to raise money for the children's ward at the hospital."

"Can't I just give you money and you not try and tell me my future?" If given the choice, Shikamaru wouldn't even be at the festival, but he was part of the security force for the festival tonight. Unlike the others in kimono and yukata, Shikamaru wore his standard shinobi gear, hands in pockets and a typical scowl on his face. He really wanted to take a nap.

"Nooo!" Ino grabbed his arm, tugging on his sleeve. "It's not as fun unless you play along Shikamaru! Think of the children!"

He let out a sigh, scratching the back of his head as he dug into his pocket. "Man, you're worse than my mom sometimes, Ino. Just...don't talk in that stupid accent, okay?"

"Deal!" she snatched the bills out of his hand before he could even count them and sat back down in her chair. She cleared her throat. "Now then, what is your greatest desire?"

"To take a nap. A long one."


"Eh, I think I see someone flagging me, gotta go." He walked away, ignoring Ino's protests concerning something along the lines of tarot cards. Putting a hand to his mouth, Shikamaru yawned loudly, uncaring of his destination so long as he could get away from the crowds. Something flashed out of the corner of his eye and with a small smirk, he turned and followed, not even bothering to check and see if someone were watching.

The moment he turned down a dark alleyway, Shikamaru was grabbed by his vest and pulled into the darkness. Quickly, Shikamaru gained the upper hand – or rather, was allowed to – and pinned his assailant to the wall. Crimson eyes  greeted him, a cocky smirk on a pale but handsome face.

"And what's your greatest desire, Uchiha?" Shikamaru asked, pressing closer, using the shadows to keep Sasuke's hands pinned above his head while his hands began to move along hardened muscle.

A delicate brow rose before Sasuke snorted. "I'm looking at it."

"Good answer."


Theme #3: Pocky
Series: Naruto
Pairing: SasuHina
Rating: T
Words: 330
Requester: Aikazi

Caught in a rock and a hard place, Sasuke's eyebrow twitched when his girlfriend fixed him with the most effective set of puppy dog eyes he had ever seen in his life. Funny, considering her eyes were white.

"Please, Sasu-kun?" She pleaded, holding up a strawberry flavored pocky stick.

His eyebrow began to twitch uncontrollably at this point, unsure if he knew what to do about handling this new weapon called his girlfriend. Never would he have considered Hinata Hyuuga of suck trickery.

He blamed Sakura.

And Ino.

Probably Tenten too. Damn them all.

"No." He said, although not as firmly as he would have liked. Of course, with his woman being a Hyuuga, she picked up on his wavering tone immediately and went for the kill.

Slowly, and deliberately, she took the slender pocky stick covered in sweet crap and placed half of it in her mouth. She had even made sure to dart her cute little tongue out beforehand, trailing a line along the bottom. His dark eyes had remained fixed on her mouth and Sasuke unconsciously licked his lips. Now he had a hard decision to make.

Sasuke could ignore her attempts and be denied access to her lush lips for the remainder of the day. Or, he could man up and ignore his absolute disgust for sweets and get to claim those sweet lips of hers for as long as he pleased. Which was more important to him, his hatred for sweets or his love for his girlfriend's lips.

"You're not allowed to hang out with those girls anymore," he growled, grabbing the back of her head and pulling her close "they're a bad influence." She giggled as he tilted his head, taking in his half of the pocky – ugh, so sweet! – and her lips. Her hands slid up his chest to rest on his shoulders as she responded, leaning into him.

Sasuke: 0, Pocky: 1

He could take one for the team just this once.


I'll post all this on Y!Gal eventually, but they're so fucking picky/bitchy about shit in comparison to everywhere else I don't feel like bothering half the time.


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