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Theme Wednesday has come and gone, and I have fics to share! All ShikaSasu, sorry lovies if that's not your bag. I have one original with Briae, but I won't be posting that here. For all of the fics, go here.

Theme#1: 10 Year Anniversary
Series: Naruto
Pairing: ShikaSasu
Rating: T
Words: 560
Requester: Spammishrice

Surprisingly enough, Sasuke found the sunshine fitting today of all days as he laid with his new lover in their bed. Last night, the one night Sasuke would insist on being alone had been the one night Shikamaru hadn't listened. Although the meddlesome Nara was not the first to bother Sasuke on this special occasion, he had been the first to truly get under his skin besides Naruto.
"Cut the bullshit, Uchiha, we both know you don't really want to be alone. You just want the right person to step up."
How true. For a while, Sasuke had believed Naruto to be 'that person', because the blond haired idiot knew him, had known him. In the end, the companionship his friend offered wasn't the type Sasuke wanted. No, deep down inside, where even he had hidden the feelings away under lock and key, Sasuke had known he had wanted more. What he coveted, no one could give, not really, because the Uchiha wasn't even sure if he had wanted the sort of feelings and emotions that accompanied.
"And you're the right person, Nara?"
"I don't know. You tell me."
"I thought you hated me."
"Tch. You really gonna do this song and dance? You're like a woman sometimes...troublesome. Why can't anything be simple with you?"
"I've never been a simple person."
"You were once, when we were kids. I liked you then. know."
'I had liked you too' Sasuke had wanted to say, but those words were beyond him even now. Shikamaru, Hinata, even Chouji. Back then, when things had been uncomplicated, when he had just been another kid wanting to impress his father and be like his big brother, he had liked all of them. Then the massacre happened, yet none of them had blamed him for his actions. Not really.
Hinata and Chouji had been eerily understanding of his cut off, even though he had played with them separately. Shikamaru had snorted and shrugged him off, to which Sasuke had been grateful. He had wanted the others to hate him, not to give him sad smiles of understanding.
Even now, years later, Shikamaru offered no sympathy. Only companionship, should Sasuke desire, and strict honesty not disguised as disdain or patronizing.
"Tomorrow makes ten years...since that day."
"Yeah. I know. You always do this the night before."
"I killed him, Shika."
"You killed a lot of people."
"I killed him. Because I loved him. Because it hurt. I sacrificed everything, for nothing."
"It wasn't for nothing, and saying it like that is kind of like giving him a 'fuck you' for all his efforts."
"I fucked up all of his efforts."
"Yeah, pretty royally too. So make it up to him."
"By letting go. Moving on. Wasn't that what he wanted?"
Sasuke looked outside his window, a small smirk emerging at the sun as it continued to climb higher in the sky. Shikamaru, nestled at his side, let out a loud snore before rolling over on his back, absently scratching at his stomach as he slept on. Sasuke glanced at him once, his arm still around Shikamaru's shoulders, before looking back outside at the sun shining for the first time in ten years on this particular day.
"Moving on. Wasn't that what he wanted?"
"I guess it was, huh niisan?" Sasuke whispered and closed his eyes.


Theme #2: Tomatoes
Series: Naruto
Pairing: ShikaSasu
Rating: T
Words: 315
Requester: Essenceofthedark

"So, I heard you like tomatoes?" Shikamaru asked, grinning as he held the juicy red object in front of his boyfriend's face. Sasuke sat at his desk, homework in front of him, glasses pushed up against his nose. With a sigh, he removed the glasses and leaned back in his chair, giving Shikamaru a dull look.
"And?" he reached to snatch the tomato from Shikamaru. Having anticipated the move, Shikamaru moved out of range, taking a few steps back. Now he had Sasuke's full attention, the other male now standing and slowly closing the distance. "What of it?"
"Nothing." Shikamaru continued to back away as Sasuke moved closer. "Just heard you'd do anything for one of these."
"You heard wrong."
"And yet you keep creeping closer." With a sly grin, Shikamaru bolted, the Uchiha hot on his heels as they ran throughout their apartment. Laughter and smack talking ensued as Shikamaru ducked and dodged a determined Sasuke.
Minutes later showed a triumphant Sasuke sitting on top of Shikamaru's back on the couch, eating his tomato. A bite later he paused, looking down at his disgruntled boyfriend. "So, what have we learned today?"
Shikamaru snorted. "That you're a sadist?"
"Never come between a man and his treasure." Sasuke corrected, licking the juices off his fingers as he ate the remainder of his cherished snack.
"Hm. Too bad." With a yawn, Shikamaru tried to make himself as comfortable as he could with Sasuke sitting on him. "Because you see, that wasn't the only tomato I had. In fact, I got a stash of cherry tomatoes I was gonna give to you, but since you..."
His sentence went unfinished as he suddenly found himself on his back and Sasuke in his face, dark eyes narrowing. "Where?"
A wide, knowing smirk crossed Shikamaru's features. Bait accepted, plan complete. "Well, that depends. What are you willing to do for them?"


Theme #3: Hurry Up
Series: Naruto
Pairing: ShikaSasu
Rating: T
Words: 696
Requester: Wakasensei

"Tch." Sasuke's crimson eyes narrowed as he looked down the hall. "Hurry the hell up, Nara." he called from over his shoulder, his fingers twitching dangerously close to his katana. "They're coming. I can hear them."
Grumbling, Shikamaru continued to shuffle through drawers and cabinets of a very expensive looking study. "You said that five minutes ago." Then to himself, "It'd help if they had given us more information than 'the package is in his study'. This room is huge!"
"Less bitching, more looking!" The Uchiha hissed, the tomoe of his Sharingan beginning to spin. "It can't be that hard to find a damn box, Nara."
"Then you look for it!" he almost threw his hands up in the air. He hated being partnered with Sasuke Uchiha, the two of them never got along. "Don't you have that eye thing that lets you see through walls?"
"That's the Byakugan. Jackass." Sasuke actually sounded offended.
"Whatever." Shikamaru had no desire nor the time to try and soothe over the Uchiha's over inflated ego. "Man, I knew this mission would be annoying the moment they told me I had you as a partner. Now I got...gotcha!" Triumphant, Shikamaru finally found what he was looking for behind a curio cabinet. A small brown box, unmarked, greeted him and he grinned. "Let's go."
Getting out had been simpler than getting in, since the guards were all heading towards one central area, their master's bedroom. Of course, they would find the man safe and sound, the mission had not been to assassinate the Lord of the manor. Not unless what happened to be in the box matched the testimony of individual who had hired them. But that would be another mission for another time, and possibly another team.
Sasuke had been strangely quiet on the return trip, more than usual even for him. Shikamaru tried engaging in mild conversation - he might dislike the Uchiha but he was not without some sense of civility - to no avail. Although he found this mildly disconcerting since the two usually exchanged wits or veiled insults whenever partnered, Shikamaru let the matter drop. He wasn't a mind reader, and Sasuke had the mood swings of a pregnant woman at times. If the Uchiha had a problem, he could speak up.
They returned to the village in record time, turning in their report and the mysterious item to the Hokage before leaving. Two days rest, then they were to check back in for another mission assignment. Content with this, Shikamaru had left the tower feeling pretty good. Two days was just enough time for someone like him to catch a good night's rest and a few catnaps. Maybe if he were lucky, Neji would be available for a game of shogi.
"Here." A stack of papers suddenly dangled in front of Shikamaru's face and he blinked, turning to face Sasuke. "These are for you."
"The hell?" Taking the papers, Shikamaru glanced over them before starting. "Uchiha, what the..."
"According to the Hokage's orders," Sasuke began, crossing his arms. "Any individual partnered with me can choose, at any time, to be reassigned permanently. It's already filled out, just sign it."
An unnamed emotion churned in Shikamaru's gut and anger bubbled just beneath the surface. "You want to get rid of me that bad? Just for 'being slow'?" He had known Sasuke could be dramatic but even this felt over the top.
"I'm doing you a favor." Sasuke took a step forward, tilting his head up slightly to eye Shikamaru. Neither of them seemed to care they were right outside the tower's doors, standing at the threshold. "Now you won't have to deal with me."
Obviously, Shikamaru had missed something important. Putting Sasuke's strange silence and this outburst together, Shikamaru now knew he had said or did something to set the Uchiha off on this path, but had no idea as to what or how to fix it. Or if he even wanted to.
"Troublesome." he took the papers and ripped them in half, giving them back to a stunned Sasuke. "Keep your papers. I'll see you in two days."
For some reason, he felt oddly satisfied.

Date: 2011-04-20 02:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
-UNCONTROLLABLE SQUEALS THAT FREAK OUT THE NEIGHBORS!- I love this! All of them were so cute! X3

Date: 2011-04-21 12:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Excellent work. I especially enjoyed the first one.

Date: 2011-04-21 05:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Lovely stories
I love the third one because it's very subtle but the tension is clearly there XDDD

Date: 2011-04-25 07:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I really like your ShikaSasu one-shots. I have a ShikaSasu story myself on FF. I like this pairing.


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